Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do medications?
NO. However, our Therapists are knowledgeable about diagnoses and medications and we will recommend Psychiatrists and Neurology-Psych personnel to work with you. Often, therapy is done in conjunction with medications.

2. Cancellations and No Shows?
VERY BAD. However we are aware that conflicts arise and appointments are missed. Please notify us as soon as possible.

This is a big issue for us because if you do not make a session, your program/progress is delayed for as much as two weeks. Secondly, the session time and room could have been used for another client waiting to see that therapist. Finally, the Therapist is not paid for No Shows and Cancellations.

3. Do I always see the same counselor?
Yes. You may request a different Counselor if the "fit" or "match" is not comfortable for you (call the agency Director), but that rarely happens. Remember, your counselor is your choice.

4. Do you do Testing?
Yes. We have a variety of assessments and tests that you can request through your Therapist or the Therapist may suggest testing. These are administered by one of our Psychologists or by the Therapist themselves.

5. Insurances and payment options?
We offer a variety of payment options and can usually accommodate your situation. For example, clients may be seen if their partner or kids have insurance, provided the issues include the insured client. We see clients with "other" insurance with whom we do not have contracts, under special arrangements. We are very flexible on "private pay" and sliding scale.

6. How quickly and often can I be seen?
We are usually able to schedule clients within a day or two or, a week at the most. In cases of urgency, we will see clients the same day that you call. Typically, clients are seen and then scheduled the following week (depending on your schedule). However, we are able to see you more than once a week when necessary.

7. How did you develop the unique décor in your offices?
Basically, "it's stuff my wife wouldn't let me put in our house."

8. How do I know when I’m done?
You will know. The average number of sessions that clients attend is eight (8), however all cases vary and usually that is a joint decision made by you and your Therapist.